John Endicott founded Apollo Farms, Inc., in 1993. Apollo Farm's sole business focus is selling top quality show jumpers. John successfully works with owners and trainers, sellers and buyers as agent either on the selling or buying end. John actively participates matching a horse with a rider's ability, and is highly respected for his deep knowledge of horses, his ability to work well with people, and his commitment to excellence. Over the years, John has carefully and thoughtfully hired staff capable of supporting and complimenting Apollo Farms' mission to be the foremost sales barn in North America.

John Endicott

Pablo started riding in his native Brazil at 8 years old. He quickly developed a passion for the sport and started competing at 10 years of age.  He began teaching and working as a proffessional in 2005.

After studying at many clinics with top riders, Pablo moved to California in 2007.  His hard work, sympathetic way with the horses, and natural talent, make him a wonderful addition to the Apollo Farms team.